Participants Obligations


It is mandatory for all Participants to comply with the provisions of this Code, to register with the CGSO in accordance with the procedures provided on the CGSO website from time to time and contribute towards the funding of the CGSO in accordance with the funding model as set out in clause 6.2 [link] if they wish to operate in the Industry.


Sustainable Funding Model

Participants in the Industry shall contribute to the funding of the running of the CGSO by means of the payment of a joining fee and an annual levy and (if necessary) a special levy, as shall be determined from time to time by the Board of the CGSO.

In determining the joining fee, annual levy and special levy, the Board may have regard to the relative market share of the Participants, the anticipated number of complaints to be dealt with by the CGSO annually and the costs of running the CGSO, with a view to ensuring that the operations of the CGSO is sustainable and effective.

A special levy may be raised when deemed necessary by the Board to provide for un-anticipated expenditure incurred by the CGSO due to the increased caseloads or any other reason acceptable to the Board.

The Board shall from time to time determine the scale of fees to be charged to any entity which falls outside of the CGSO’s jurisdiction and with which the CGSO has entered into an agreement to render dispute resolution services.

The mechanisms for calculating the fees and levies and the current level of these for Participants shall be published on the CGSO website.

The CGSO may be entitled to take legal action to recover any outstanding fees or levies owed by a Participant.

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