What we do

We receive and assist in resolving complaints by consumers against members (participants) of the Consumer Goods and Services Industry in terms of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) and enforce the Industry Code of Conduct.


Our services are free of charge.


Where a consumer is dissatisfied with the Goods and/or Services supplied by a participant or with its complaints-handling process. 

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What is an ombudsman?

A person who investigates and resolves complaints lodged by private citizens against businesses or other entities.

Word History: Ombud means “commissioner, agent,” coming from Old Norse umbodh, “charge, commission, administration by a delegacy,” umbodh being made up of um, “regarding,” and bodh, “command.” In Old Norse an umbodhsmadhr was a “trusty manager, commissary.” In Swedish an ombudsman was a deputy who looked after the interests and legal affairs of a group such as a trade union or business. In 1809 the office of riksdagens justitieombudsman was created to act as an agent of justice, that is, to see after the interests of justice in affairs between the government and its citizens. This office of ombudsman and the word ombudsman have been adopted elsewhere, as in individual states in the United States. The term has also been expanded in sense to include people who perform the same function for business corporations or newspapers.

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language]

Although the name ‘Ombudsman’ is Scandinavian, the concept is universal: The Ethiopians have a ‘Emba Tebaki’ (‘Keeper of the People’s Tears’), in Zulu culture in South Africa there is a ‘Lomxazululi’ (‘Solver of Problems‘)  and the Moslems have a Mohtasib.

*Courtesy of Financial Services Ombud