All suppliers in the consumer goods and services industry, including retailers, suppliers, wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, producers, importers , intermediaries, logistics and supply chain agents, UNLESS

  • they are regulated elsewhere by a code prescribed by the Minister and/ or
  • a complaint falls within the jurisdiction of an Ombud with jurisdiction, or an industry Ombud.

It is mandatory for all suppliers who fall within the consumer goods and services industry to comply with the provisions of the Code, to register with the CGSO in accordance with the procedures provided on the CGSO website from time to time, and contribute towards the funding of the CGSO in accordance with the funding model approved by the CGSO Board if they wish to operate in the Industry. 

Participants are grouped based on the size of their business (Total Turnover per annum).

GroupTurnover RangeNew Annual Fee
Super GroupR5 bil+R180 000
Group 1Above R3 bil to R5 bilR160 000
Group 2Above R1 bil to R3 bilR90 000
Group 3Above R500 mil to R1 bilR35 000
Group 4Above R5 mil to R500 milR5 500
Group 5R50 mil to R100 milR3 500
Group 6R1 mil to R50 milR1 680
Group 7R1 to R1 milNo Cost

Learn how to register online. 

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